Hair is a reflection of our identity that is both personal and public. It was not until the 20th century that women really started to care for their hair – let’s be real, they used to wear pre-coiffed wigs back in the day and would wash their real hair once in a full moon
(We would like to know what dry shampoo or sorcery they used). In the endless search for beauty, it always seems that skin care and cosmetics get the priority. But we believe that haircare is just as essential when it comes to a person’s individual beauty regiment.
We want to redefine hair care by creating new and engaging ways of how to care, treat, and style your hair. We pride ourselves in being inclusive and innovative, always challenging
ourselves to create products that will surprise and perform.


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Our Freelosophy

At ikoo, we believe innovation does not stop with design or form but is also reflected in the ingredients that we use to formulate our products. Using natural ingredients as a base, we don’t care if the formulations use synthetics, it just needs to be safe and clean, but high-performing. With this unbroken belief, we seek to create products that do not harm humans and animals, insects included.
That is our freelosophy.
All our products are Cruelty-Free, and Peta approved.

Female first & Hair confidence

Our brand is made for women to empower women. We work hard to inspire all women of any hair type, race, creed, shape, or shoe size. Forget the glossy magazines; confidence, a little sparkle, and a good hair day is all you need.

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